Manage SQLite databases on your server with ease

Lite Queen aspires to be the all-in-one app for your SQLite needs. Simply download the executable, run it, open the url on the browser and you're ready to go!

Free to use with limited features. Buy a license once you're ready to unlock all the features.

What's new?

Simple search and data entry improvements


  • Added a simple search. You can also access it opening God Mode or by pressing "s" when in table records page.

  • When editing a field with large contents, you can now use an adjustable text dialog for more space.

  • Added shortcut("n") to quickly open the window to add a new record.


  • Fixed issue with updating database records where field names contain whitescapes

Improved relationship viewer & mobile screens


  • Table relationships viewer will now group the tables that are related close together.
  • Improve fidelity of the UI in different screen types like phones and tablets .
  • Use a more user-friendly count of table rows. eg: instead of "156432 rows" we now display "16k rows"(on hover you can still see the absolute count).

Go anywhere and database connection settings


  • You can navigate anywhere using a command menu when in god mode Cmd + K Quickly navigate to tables in your current database, other databases and more.

  • Added quick menu for updating the connection settings of a database.

  • When seeing the table records, the foreign key record popover triggers on click/touch instead of hover.


  • fixed issue with relative time ago datetime string not assuming UTC inside of the hovercard.

Table relationship visualizer, selection for foreign key items, date utility & settings


  • You can now visualize the relationships between the tables in your database;
  • You can now have a select for foreign key fields with their corresponding data when adding or editing a record;
  • You now have a button to quickly give your the formatted UTC date on datetime fields;
  • Added settings page for OpenAI api keys and application label.

God Mode

We now have a God Mode(Cmd + K)! You can query your Sqlite databases with SQL and chat with it using plain English. It knows your database schema, indexes, triggers and other metadata in order to give you the most accurate and relevant answers.

It uses OpenAI ChatGPT so you can just bring your own API Key to get started—your API key and other info won't leave your computer/server as it's saved locally.

Auto table ordering, manual app reload & feedback


  • Lite-queen will now infer which table field is likely to be the datetime and sort the table in descending order;
  • Added a footer menu with a way to navigate to the main screen, a way to send feedback by email and a way to hard refresh the app in case of issues.
  • Improved caching on the demo instance. It's faster now.